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How to run a marathon or Training works

How to run a marathon or training works How do you run a marathon? It’s a question I get asked fairly frequently, not least because I’ve run a few marathons. I run marathons because I like the training.  I know … Continue reading

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India: expectations

Why India?  India must be on most people’s travel list.  Maybe it’s because of the colonial history, maybe because we’ve seen it on the TV, or because you just want to go to the home of curry.  Or even just … Continue reading

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Richmond Park

I’m lucky to work by Richmond Park, in south west London.  I try to get out there at least once a week, to break up the day.  The thing with the English countryside, and I’m including Richmond Park in that … Continue reading

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“But it’s fireworks night, we’ve got to stay.”  I was confused.  It was the middle of October and definitely not 5th November.  But I was in Hastings for the weekend and about to have another encounter with the Bonfire Societies … Continue reading

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Tomatoes in Georgia

One of the signs of being abroad and enjoying a holiday are the quality of tomatoes. Living in an often sun starved northern European country we don’t get good tomatoes. Even from high end supermarkets you usually have to make … Continue reading

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