Tomatoes in Georgia

One of the signs of being abroad and enjoying a holiday are the quality of tomatoes. Living in an often sun starved northern European country we don’t get good tomatoes. Even from high end supermarkets you usually have to make do with orange, flavourless fruits.

Not so abroad, with proper sun you get served rich, red tomatoes with real flavour.

I had just this experience in Georgia recently.  Firstly in an unremarkable restaurant, a plateful of juicy reds, with a touch of oil and vinegar.  Later in the trip we had whole meals of toms and you really didn’t need much else.

One of my abiding memories of that trip will be a tomato tart accompanied by freshly baked bread, huge tomatoes dressed with a little oil and a few slices of home made cheese.

Just perfect.  Home grown, simple, nourishing grub.


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