Richmond Park

I’m lucky to work by Richmond Park, in south west London.  I try to get out there at least once a week, to break up the day.  The thing with the English countryside, and I’m including Richmond Park in that category, is that it’s always changing.  My route takes me through the trees and at the moment they’re on the verge of changing from green to all those lovely colours that we get in autumn.  It’s difficult to pinpoint, but somewhere from red to brown through russet, gold and yellow.

I tried to spot the change from winter to spring earlier in the year, but I missed it.  Not because I took a break, but because it happens so gradually and before you know it you’re there in the middle of the next season.

I had to take two attempts at my weekly walk.  The first time I tried I had to abandon due to rain.  I set off and felt some light spots of rain, which I decided to ignore.  Once I was in the park though, the rain persisted, and so did I.  I’m not one to be put off by the weather.  A few more strides on though, it was proper rain and I stopped to take stock under a tree.  Assessing my apparel and accessories (office clothes and an umbrella) and my plan for the rest of the day (a couple of meetings) I had to make the decision to turn round, so I could make an attempt at a professional image for the afternoon.

Success a couple of days later and I made it up the hill and back down again, ready to face the rest of the day with new ideas.  Breathing in the fresh air, admiring the views through the trees and taking a break: it’s all good.


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Breaking out of the 9 to 5 to be my own creative self and inspire others to do the same.
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