How to run a marathon or Training works

How to run a marathon or training works

How do you run a marathon? It’s a question I get asked fairly frequently, not least because I’ve run a few marathons.

I run marathons because I like the training.  I know that when I train regularly and push myself (out of my comfort zone) I feel better.   Now the point of this isn’t to get you to run a marathon, but it is important to work out your motivation for keeping fit.

One of the things I’ve learnt is to keep a record of how you’re doing.  You don’t have to record everything, but noting a level will reinforce the positive feelings of making progress (and you will make progress).

Even if it’s just noticing how you feel on your regular walk/route/circuit.

Try not to do this too often as with anything you measure there are likely to be micro fluctuations, but overall there will be an improvement in fitness.

It’s important to schedule fitness in and break things down into manageable chunks so that there’s always a goal in sight.  This way you’ll get some sort of reward and your perseverance will pay off.  But don’t forget about the big picture. This should help to encourage you to fit things in and make you more likely to do it.


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