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A change is as good as a break

Autumn weather has hit us with a vengeance for the last couple of weeks.  Not the good kind: bright mornings, with the sun enhancing the golden colours of the trees; the other kind: grey skies, and rain, lots of rain. … Continue reading

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10 things about India

1. Food: deliciously simple and flavoursome (even “fast food”) 2. Trains: lots of them, long journeys, people bring you food (see 1. above) 3. People: lots of them too.  Friendly and helpful and smiley and crazy 4. Driving: no rules, … Continue reading

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People (and animal) watching

If you want somewhere to watch people go by, then I would highly recommend Indian Railways.  Indian Railways is the world’s biggest employer with over 1 million staff so wherever you happen to be, there will always be someone or … Continue reading

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Delhi in a day

“The best way to see Delhi is by car”.  That’s what my hotel advised me, and with this being my first day in India, and having only one full day in the city, I took their advice. Vishod the driver, … Continue reading

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Noticing the Road

I heard Ian Rankin talking on the radio toady.  He’s just written a book that he wanted to call “A9” after the road on which it’s based.  The message he was trying to get across is that a lot goes … Continue reading

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An everyday adventure

“We apologise for the delay” is never the announcement you want to hear on the station platform. It was a cold, October evening, seeming later than it was because of the recent change of clocks (spring forward, fall back).  There’s … Continue reading

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