10 things about India

1. Food: deliciously simple and flavoursome (even “fast food”)

2. Trains: lots of them, long journeys, people bring you food (see 1. above)

3. People: lots of them too.  Friendly and helpful and smiley and crazy

4. Driving: no rules, anything goes, avoid the cows

5. Pollution: really bad in the cities: itchy eyes, sneezing

6. Litter: chuck it on the ground, if you’re lucky someone will come and sweep it up, or burn it, if not, it’ll sit there forever

7. Aspiration: the nation has its eyes on the prize

8. Cricket: everywhere.  Loved the Sunday morning rec, full of games

9. Beautiful things: from scarves to jewellery to clothes to buildings

10. Fascination: why? how? where? when?


About seallikeactivity

Breaking out of the 9 to 5 to be my own creative self and inspire others to do the same.
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