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Ready for anything

“Why am I here?” is a question a lot of people were asking.  Not so much in the philosophical sense, but more in a practical sense.  It was not long after 8am on a January morning.  There was still snow … Continue reading

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Fighting Man-Eating bogs

A promise of man-eating bogs is not the draw everyone is looking for on a weekend away.  However being female I was feeling in some way confident for what lay ahead. This was part of my effort to remind myself … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions

So, 2 weeks in how are you doing with your NYR?  Yes, it has only been two weeks and just because it was a Sunday, it still counts! I’m not even sure that resolutions are still the done thing.  I’ve … Continue reading

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A place like home

The driver of the tuk-tuk handed me his phone.  We were pulled up on a dark street near Kovalam and this was not what I had anticipated.  However, a friendly voice on the other end of the phone explained that … Continue reading

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