7 things about Bali

Bali, described by some as the paradise island, but I’m a home is where the heart is kind of girl, so I think anywhere can be paradise. These are the things I’m learning right now:

1. Cocks crowing to let you know it’s morning, or afternoon, or bedtime, or the middle of the night. This has definitely been the soundtrack to my trip.

2. “Hellooo” and big smiles to greet you wherever you are. This counts along the street, in cafes, shops and restaurants and in the countryside amongst the rice fields. I’m definitely going to take this home with me and make the effort to smile more.

3. Mourning singing will go along with the chickens as providing a barrier for sleep. This seems to start in the early evening and go on, and on. I appreciate the culture, but to my ears it’s not very tuneful.

4. Dogs. Everywhere. Most seem to have a bark, few (only 1 to date) seem to bite and they do puppy dog eyes brilliantly!

5. Chicken in a basket. This links to #1. Along the side of the road, next to a house, when you look around if you’re not seeing a dog you’ll see a chicken in a basket,and no doubt hear it too.

6. Ducks and duck herding – a poular past time in the rice fields. I was faced with a path full of herded ducks and neither of us knew what to do. I took the initiative and stood to the side, which seemed to be the best for all parties.

7. Gazebos are everywhere and I don’t mean the green stripey ones you can get from popular diy stores. These have thatched roofs are usually of wooden construction and vary from the most rickety to entirly robust. They do a great job of taking away the heat of the sun and providing a place for people to sit or lie whilst considering the day.

That’s not all, but that’s just what I’m thinking as I enjoy some ginger tea watching the sun go down over the rice fields.


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