I’m studying on a part time course, which happens roughly one weekend in four.  Inevitably this means I’m stuck in a classroom whenever the weather is good.  It’s usually been a damp, grey week and if the forecast is good for the weekend, you can guarantee I’ll be at school.

Fortunately I live in a beautiful part of the country and my journey to school cuts past the edge of Bramshot Common and cuts through the South Downs.  Even though it feels as if we’re only slowly creeping into autumn, the colours are already changing on the trees there and it is truly beautiful seeing the contrasts from green through to red. There’s a Canadian War Memorial at Bramshot, which explains the maple trees that contribute to the colours.

It’s now at the cusp of season change that it is most striking.  Whether it’s autumn colour or spring flowers it seems to be most well defined and noticeable at the start of the season.

Perhaps because we have such variable weather, for the British it’s an inexhaustible topic of conversation and the seasons feed into this.  For me, the seasons are a reminder that nothing stays the same.  The world keeps on turning, churning round new opportunities, bringing surprises (good or bad) but there’s some constancy in the change.  You recognise it and even though it’s nudging you out of your comfort zone – to dig out the sweaters that you’ve had put away for a few months and to decide whether you should put the heating on or not – you know that you can get used to it and you’ll adapt to whatever’s coming.

Particularly at the edge of the season it can feel like it’s an anomaly – we’ve had warm weather but the trees are beginning to change colour (nature’s clever – think it’s more to do with day length than temp); or in spring time when it feels like it’s been freezing forever yet the crocus bulbs have forced their way through to let us know that it is spring time – it’s noticeable and stands out.  We comment and appreciate it and before long we’re used to it and moving on to the next thing.

Welcome change, enjoy the seasons and love the world we live in.


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