Sarajevo – Part 2

A few thoughts and comments on some places to visit in Sarajevo.

Latin Bridge:

The site of the assassination of Archduke Franz-Ferdinand the then heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne in 1918. The current bridge was built in the late 19th century to replace a wooden bridge and crossing point that had been in place over the Miljacka river since 1565.  Today it’s fairly unremarkable, given the significance of the assassination leading (indirectly) to the First World War.

Latin Bridge

Latin Bridge

Goat Bridge:

To continue the theme of bridges, goat bridge is found about 2km out of town.  Follow the riverside path and it’s a pleasant walk/run/cycle and gives a break from the bustle of Bascarsija. You’ll find a faded sign marking one of the earliest crossing points over the river and forming part of the route that traders took going to/from the Silk Road.  legend has it that a goat herd noticed that one of his herd was stuck on the rocks. On climbing up to save her he found treasure under one of the rocks and used that to fund the building of the bridge.

Goat Bridge

Goat Bridge

Svrzo’s House

Found on the backstreets on the north side of the river, this is an original house showing the accommodation of an urban muslim family in the Ottoman rule of the late 18th century.  It is well set out with original decoration: a peaceful enclave separating public from private and explaining how the domestic districts in Sarajevo were set up surrounding the main business district.

Ladies Sitting Room, Svrzo House

Ladies Sitting Room, Svrzo House

Avaz Twist Tower

A key landmark representing new Sarajevo. Building of the tower was completed in 2008 and it now hosts the headquarters of a Bosnian media company – Dnevni avaz.  At 176m tall, you would think it’s easy to find, but not for me.  Head to the train station and a bit further up the street look for a poster that looks altogether as if it’s well out of date.  Wnder past the houses and suddenly you’ll be upon it.  It’s free to go up to the (smoky) cafe on the 35th floor but you’ll need 2KAM in change to access the viewing platform 1 floor up via the stairs that look a bit like a fire escape.

Avaz Twist Tower

Avaz Twist Tower

Old Serbain Orthodox Church

An unassuming courtyard on the main road surrounds this beautiful little church.  The church dates back to the middle ages and supports the orthodox custom of legends, customs.  Within the courtyard complex, there’s a separate museum and the church wine shop.

Old Serbian Orthodox Church

Old Serbian Orthodox Church


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2 Responses to Sarajevo – Part 2

  1. Ashamed to say the Latin Bridge is the only one of these sights I saw on my trip. Oh well, a good excuse to go back!

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