London in Summer

London, and the UK in general, changes from a grey monochrome to vibrant technicolour when the sun comes out.  And if the temperature goes up with it, as it does for a couple of weeks a year (we call this summer!), the city changes and life moves outside.

A walk across the city showed there’s more to it than shopping and museums.  I happened to have time to stroll, so wasn’t head down trying to get from A to B as quickly as possible.  This gave me the chance to experience London as a visitor.  I listened in to the languages being spoken around me – not much English – which added to my holiday vibe. The parks were green and glorious with people enjoying the sun and the shade of the trees in equal measure: lazing with a picnic and watching the joggers and cyclists burning calories.

My surprising discovery was the different village feel that changed  between the districts as i walked through them.  Because people were enjoying the outside spaces of cafes and restaurants, it gave life to areas that would otherwise be unremarkable shopping areas.  I got the feel that London wasn’t a single entity but very much a sum of its parts.

london eye.jpg

London Eye

For me, an extended brunch stop gave me the opportunity to sit and watch -something usually reserved as a holiday activity.  Another reminder that sometimes we can take time to slow down, appreciate what’s on our doorstep and enjoy a holiday at home.


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