A road trip to Wales

“Have you seen the weather forecast?  Are you still going?”  I had several messages of this ilk, to which I replied “yes, of course”.

Although we love to talk about the weather in the UK, and more often than not this involves moaning about the rain, this year the summer had been late to arrive and I had seen sunshine every day for the last couple of months.  I was feeling confident that this weekend would be no different.

We decided to take the scenic route to north Wales, heading to Tywyn – an otherwise unspecific town that you would have no reason to visit unless you were wanting to Race the Train (or apparently partake in the International Sheepdog Trials later in the year).

Last time I came this way, we took the direct motorway route but it turned out that faster meant slower with general motorway traffic and festival goers getting in the way.  This time, taking the scenic route was definitely a winner.


View of Cader Idris (and Snowdon if you squint a bit)

There was such stunning scenery and with slower roads, plenty of opportunities to stop and admire.  Given we were camping, and were fully prepped with supplies we pulled into a field, to make a brew and just look.  The weather forecast had been dire but we managed to travel with the sun until Aberdovey.  Once there, only a few miles from our destination it rained and rained hard.  The sun hadn’t given up, though, and the resultant rainbow was one of the best I’ve ever seen.


Best tea stop

The rain had stopped by the time we got to the campsite so we only had to contend with a strong breeze  whilst putting the tents up. Fortunately everything was secured well and we, and our equipment, survived the gale force winds and driving rain.  Ready for the drive home, the sun came out for us to enjoy the journey.

I travelled to Tywyn to Race the Train.  You can find details here if you want to do it too.


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