Halfway through the year

On a beautiful English summer afternoon, there is nothing better than a cricket match on a village green. The sun is out but it’s not too hot. The grass is green and the sky is blue. “Who’s winning?” someone asks. And that’s one of my favourite things about cricket – you have to play the game to the end before you can declare a winner. It’s a long game, but things can change in just a few minutes with a big hit, or an unexpected catch. There’s a pause, a need to re-group, but you have to get back out there and play the game.

For me, having watched and played the game over several years I like that it’s the playing of it that’s important, that everyone can have a go and that anyone can play. That’s not saying it’s easy and it’s nearly always frustrating to watch but it teaches patience, and teamwork and the independence of standing on your own.

So there you have a few reasons why I’ve chosen to fundraise for a charity with the principles of cricket at its heart. Cricket without Boundaries was founded by a cricket lover and they do amazing things. And right now, I’m hoping that over the next few weeks, the miracle will happen and I’ll be inspired to increase my mileage like a sudden increase in run rate that we see so often in the shorter versions of cricket. Some additional motivation from your donation will definitely help me to keep ticking over.

April saw me undertake my first ultra-marathon and if you want to read the ins and outs of my 60km odyssey through the Surrey Hills then you can read more here. It was definitely the hardest run I’ve done in a long time and I can celebrate that I managed to get round in one piece, with no injuries. Something that felt impossible to me when I was floor-bound in March with my back in spasm.

As the weather was improving and the summer season was approaching, I had thought that my bicycle would make an appearance and the miles would start flowing easily allowing me to catch up on the deficit from the first 3 months. It appears that I’m definitely a fair weather cyclist and there were too many drizzly days for me to fully embrace my bicycle miles.

May threw its own challenges at me. I was fortunate enough to travel to Spain for a couple of weeks so I could enjoy the fair weather, but I’d travelled without my bicycle so I was left to keep the miles ticking over on foot. This didn’t go as badly as I’d feared (does anything?) and I always had an excuse to explore a different part of the city and soothe my curiosity by just seeing what’s round the next quarter.

On my return to the UK and with not as much preparation as I would usually have done, I was able to support a 50km walk through London. This happened overnight, although given that we were approaching the shortest night, it wasn’t too dark for too long. It was fascinating to explore different parts of the city and added another 31 miles to my total.

June had several celebrations – the first weeks of over 60 miles, and reaching 1000 miles. I’m more than aware that I’m still behind schedule, but the fact that I’ve reached 1000 miles with 6 months to go, means that I’ve chosen the right challenge. With 6 months still to go, I’m feeling positive that I can up my weekly mileage. My bikes are prepped and ready and I’ve just started a marathon training schedule which will keep my running miles up.

This is a proper challenge for me. I’m still not sure I can do it, but for now I’ll keep going because on this occasion it’s up to me to stand in the middle and play my game. If you’ve enjoyed reading this, want to give me the equivalent of a clap from the boundary, or just want to support the work that CWB does in sub-Saharan Africa to engage with children – educating about HIV, FGM and giving them a chance to play, then please make your donation here.

And the good news! I’ve made it to Africa. I’m a little way past Algiers, so well on my way towards the sub-Saharan region.

Q2 – total miles covered: 619miles

  • Run: 221 miles
  • Walk: 249 miles
  • Cycle: 149 miles

And in total I’ve covered 1067 miles

  • Run: 525 miles
  • Walk: 374 miles
  • Cycle: 168 miles



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