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When I travel…

Although I love the freedom of travelling solo, it’s not always easy. It’s tempting to stay safely in the comfort zone of your accommodation and not explore the local area as you might have thought you would when planning your … Continue reading

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On a train….

I’m once again on a European rail journey – something that is becoming at least an annual event. I still like to be able to avoid the time spent waiting at airports and be able to embrace the freedom of … Continue reading

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Hascombe Standing Stones

“Does anyone know anything about the Hascombe standing stones?” It was an unanswered post on a local FaceBook page that sparked my curiosity. I live not far from Hascombe and was somewhat surprised that I had never heard of them. … Continue reading

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3000 miles: The Finale

It took about a month before I fully admitted my 3000 miles challenge to myself, but nevertheless I as committed from the start. Committed to recording my miles that is, rather than to anything special to achieve them. Even though … Continue reading

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Tallinn: positively surprising

Arriving for breakfast and the receptionist stood to attention and offered me a little bow. I’m not in Japan, but in Estonia – positively surprising as the tourist board describes it, and indeed I find it is. Tallinn was European … Continue reading

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Uganda – known as the Pearl of Africa. A beautiful surprise when you’re not expecting it? Well, Uganda is certainly beautiful and unexpected. More than the views, it’s the people that make Uganda what you might expect from Africa through … Continue reading

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I’m feeling that tension. The way you feel when someone says that one thing that you know isn’t true, but it seems to be common belief: ‘Nothing much happens in August. Most people are on holiday or taking time off.’ … Continue reading

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