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I have a friend soon to depart on a cycling trip in Kerala, which is on the south west coast of India.  I travelled there a couple of years ago, admittedly not cycling, but this gives me an excuse to … Continue reading

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Bathing around the World

It struck me recently that nations’ bathing habits are linked inextricably to their culture.  And by experiencing baths in different countries, it helps me feel that I’ve experienced the country in full. In the UK, bathing is more a private … Continue reading

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Shimla: a breath of fresh air

There was almost a chill on my arms as I stood in the sunshine at Scandal Point.  I had arrived in Shimla the previous evening on the train from Delhi.  It was a welcome relief to find clean streets, space … Continue reading

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A place like home

The driver of the tuk-tuk handed me his phone.  We were pulled up on a dark street near Kovalam and this was not what I had anticipated.  However, a friendly voice on the other end of the phone explained that … Continue reading

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People (and animal) watching

If you want somewhere to watch people go by, then I would highly recommend Indian Railways.  Indian Railways is the world’s biggest employer with over 1 million staff so wherever you happen to be, there will always be someone or … Continue reading

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Delhi in a day

“The best way to see Delhi is by car”.  That’s what my hotel advised me, and with this being my first day in India, and having only one full day in the city, I took their advice. Vishod the driver, … Continue reading

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India: expectations

Why India?  India must be on most people’s travel list.  Maybe it’s because of the colonial history, maybe because we’ve seen it on the TV, or because you just want to go to the home of curry.  Or even just … Continue reading

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