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When in Japan…visit Italy

“This is mad!” I couldn’t count the number of times that this thought ran through my mind on my short trip to Japan. It was autumn in Hakone National Park. This is a mecca for autumn colours and promised views … Continue reading

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Scotland by Sleeper

Sleeper trains in the UK are a near-extinct way to travel.  But before they die out completely, I think everyone should try it.  I’m a fan of train travel anyway, but this is taking it to a new level. On … Continue reading

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Florence by Train

My obsession with train travel continues.  This time I was able to incorporate it into my journey: all the way from London to Florence.  By train. For those of you that live on mainland Europe, that fact that you can … Continue reading

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Nearly-spring-time in Paris

“Weren’t you going to come to Paris?” my friend asked, and that was all the encouragement I needed.  “Errrr, I’ll check train times, I said”. And not long afterwards, the date was arranged and tickets were bought. It was late-February … Continue reading

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Shimla: a breath of fresh air

There was almost a chill on my arms as I stood in the sunshine at Scandal Point.  I had arrived in Shimla the previous evening on the train from Delhi.  It was a welcome relief to find clean streets, space … Continue reading

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People (and animal) watching

If you want somewhere to watch people go by, then I would highly recommend Indian Railways.  Indian Railways is the world’s biggest employer with over 1 million staff so wherever you happen to be, there will always be someone or … Continue reading

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