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I’m feeling that tension. The way you feel when someone says that one thing that you know isn’t true, but it seems to be common belief: ‘Nothing much happens in August. Most people are on holiday or taking time off.’ … Continue reading

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Madrid – Park Life

The sultry air hits you when you step off the plane. It always brings a smile to my face, too used to the English summer which doesn’t always get off the ground as soon as you want it to. I … Continue reading

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When in Japan…visit Italy

“This is mad!” I couldn’t count the number of times that this thought ran through my mind on my short trip to Japan. It was autumn in Hakone National Park. This is a mecca for autumn colours and promised views … Continue reading

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Celebrate the Journey

Le petit cyclotourisme en France I have a fridge magnet that reminds me to “celebrate the journey” and whilst I often struggle to do this on my daily commute, when I’m exploring new places I find it easier. Especially when … Continue reading

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A road trip to Wales

“Have you seen the weather forecast?  Are you still going?”  I had several messages of this ilk, to which I replied “yes, of course”. Although we love to talk about the weather in the UK, and more often than not … Continue reading

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I have a friend soon to depart on a cycling trip in Kerala, which is on the south west coast of India.  I travelled there a couple of years ago, admittedly not cycling, but this gives me an excuse to … Continue reading

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Sarajevo – Part 2

A few thoughts and comments on some places to visit in Sarajevo. Latin Bridge: The site of the assassination of Archduke Franz-Ferdinand the then heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne in 1918. The current bridge was built in the late 19th … Continue reading

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