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3000 miles: May

I’ve set myself the target to run, walk or cycle 3000 miles in 2017. 3000 miles is roughly the distance from London to sub-Saharan Africa. I’m doing this to raise awareness and funds for Cricket without Boundaries. If you enjoy … Continue reading

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3000 miles: The first quarter

I was in denial. If I didn’t tell anyone, it wouldn’t matter. But I started recording my miles anyway, you know – just to see. That was enough, that was my commitment. I am supporting Cricket Without Boundaries this year, … Continue reading

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3000 miles: the why

It’s well into an October evening. I’ve just finished an interview for my website (which you can find here, if you’re interested) and a final question is ringing in my ears. Unexpectedly, it was one that was asked of me: … Continue reading

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Celebrate the Journey

Le petit cyclotourisme en France I have a fridge magnet that reminds me to “celebrate the journey” and whilst I often struggle to do this on my daily commute, when I’m exploring new places I find it easier. Especially when … Continue reading

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Going the long way round

I have some of my jewellery in an exhibition as part of the Surrey Artists Open Studios [it’s amazing how much creativity goes on that you’d never know about].  As it was my turn to steward in the studio, I thought … Continue reading

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